How to use a macro recorder to import XML files?

I had compiled a list of 6,600+ local area "fictitious names" (ie - small businesses) from the Florida (USA) state fictitious names database, stripping out all businesses whose owners were all located within the county. Did this a few months back.

Wanted to put it into YACS. I thought, "Great - the import feature!". Couldn't get CSV to cooperate (I just don't understand how it works yet). But this XML page seemed to be the answer.

So, I converted each entry into an appropriate XML file. The whole article on one Excel line, including a search button and everything.

Then I couldn't bulk upload.

I started importing each one at a time. It was getting tedious. Couldn't automate it using iMacros or other internet macro programs because of the file upload box.

So, I put it aside.

Then, just two days ago, it came to me: Use a generic Windows Macro Recorder!

And it works great.

I am using: Mouse and Key Recorder

Now first: Each of the files have a name: bizxml1000 bizxml1001 bizxml1002 etc.

No filename extension.

First I recorded myself importing one file.

Then I went back and played around with the macro. What I ended up with (I will post it later), does the following:

1) Clicks on the text area (I have to pre-type a fake entry to start with, with appropriate directory), so for example:


in the filebox.)

2) backspaces four times. so you end up with:


3) autoincrements the number (so, in this case, 1000) and types it in.

3) Clicks submit.

4) Waits 5 seconds (or ten or 15, depending how slow the internet is at that time).

5) hits backspace, autoincrements the number and inputs the new name.

This isn't perfect - depending on network traffic ,I may get 40 or 100 or 200 entries in before it "craps out" (stops working).

Then I have to find my lost place and continue.

But as we speak, it's importing each xml file, one at a time, into the system.

It's driving Google Analytics nuts because its showing thousands of hits over the past two days. and I think its improving my Alexa rating.

Every once in a while also, I PING the cloud so that technocrati and others know about the new entries.

It's odd, but its working quite well.

Hopefully I can rewrite this into a better set of instructions so that it's a simple case of "copy/paste/edit for your needs".

But I wanted to mention it while I am thinking about it in the hopes that it helps somebody else with a similar need (to import thousands of articles in a reasonable time).

I'm sure there is a better way. If I was better with PHP or with customizing yacs or directly importing into the sql database it would be done already. But since I am an Excel man, and love macros, this is my workaround.

Ken Udut whose imported business entries are located at:

If you want to see the sample xml files or the excel I used, lemme know and I'll try to help you do it yourself.

Udut Kenneth
on June 28 2007
Bernard! You made my posting into article! Thanks!!

And thanks for the linkback on the business directory page (I assume you did it) -- thanks a million

[it showed up first in Google - that's how I discovered this page, when searching for:

YACS import html


-Ken Udut, Naples, FL USA - YACS 7.4 - Collier County Florida News and information