Yacs handbook Software installation and upgrade

E-mail settings

How to configure e-mail parameters.

Control Panel - System Parameters:

- Activate the option [i]Use below parameters to handle electronic mail messages[/i]

- [i]SMTP server used for mail sending (if left blank, use php.ini)[/i]: The name of the SMTP server. Syntax: [i]smtp.server.com[/i] (ask to your mail provider if necessary).

- [i]Source address for electronic mail (From:)[/i]: The sender address used by YACS to send mails. Syntax: [i]emailaddress@domain.com[/i] or [i]"Label (INFERIOR)emailaddress@domain.com(SUPERIOR)"[/i] (without quotes).

- [i]Event logger recipient (To:)[/i] : The email address you want to receive your YACS server notifications.

- [i]POP3 server used for authentication[/i] : The name of your POP3 server. Syntax: [i]pop.server.com[/i] (aks your mail provider if necessary).

- [i]POP3 account[/i] : The username needed by your pop3 server.

- [i]POP3 password[/i] : The password needed by the same pop3 server.