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How to use w.bloggar with yacs?

[title]What is w.bloggar?[/title] The w.bloggar is an application that targets to be an interface between the user and his blog(s), in other words, is a Post and Template editor, with several features and resources that the browser based blog editors can not offer.

Because it's a software that runs over Windows GUI it allows the user to edit his posts without being connected to the Internet, saving locally one or more texts to be posted in the future. It can be minimized to the Tray bar as an icon and everytime the user wants to publish a new text, he just need a click and has the editor ready to work, finished the text, another click (if connected) and the post will be published.

Another great advantage of w.bloggar is that it is compatible with most of weblog systems available, allowing an advanced user to have one only interface to several accounts hosted on several different sites, under different publishing systems.

To communicate with the weblog w.bloggar needs that the blog system has implemented an API, the acronym to Application Programming Interface. Currently w.bloggar is compatible with Blogger API, metaWeblog API, MovableType API and b2 API all based on XML-RPC definition.

[title]How to setup this stuff?[/title] You can now post articles to yacs with w.bloggar. To set up it to post to your yacs server, follow these instructions:

1. Download w.bloggar from http://wbloggar.com/ and install the application.

2. Open the w.bloggar application.

3. A login window will appear allowing you to create a New Account.

4. Enter your yacs username in User, your password in Password, and click OK.

5. You'll be asked if really want to create the new account, click Yes.

6. In the Account Connection window, select the Custom type of connection. Click on the API Server tabl if it's not selected. Enter the name of the host where yacs has been installed into Host field ('consult.sita.aero' in the example below, but it has to be changed to your own server), and type '/yacs/services/blog.php' (without the quotes) into Page field.

7. Click on the Custom tab. For the Categories field, select metaWeblog API - Single.

8. Click OK to confirm the connection configuration and validate your user information.

9. Close and then reopen w.bloggar to rebuild the interface according to the new parameters.

10. You can now post to your yacs server using w.bloggar's posting interface.

[title]How to post an article?[/title] To post a brand new article: - select the section where you want to post your article - type a title - type your article with an optional introduction and source description - select a category - hit the post button