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How to create a petition?

A petition is a web page aiming to capture as many 'Yes' as possible.

YACS alows for the creation of as many petitions you may need. Here is how to proceed:

[*] Visit the Control Panel and, from there, select the Content Assistant.

[*] In the following page a number of options will be presented. Click on the radio button in front of 'Sollicitate users input -- create one single vote, a petition, or a poll', then press the button at the bottom of the form. If this does not appear, please upgrade to YACS version 6.6.

[*] On the next page YACS lists several useful ways to sollicitate surfers. Select the radio button for petitions, then hit the button at the end of the page.

[*] Then YACS will present a bare site map, to let you select a place to place the petition. Click on a section link.

[*] The next page is fully dedicated to the entry of petition main text. Put the value proposition in the title. Add some introduction to further describe the case. Finally, scope the petition, and put additional details at the bottom,if any. Hit the Submit button.

[*] A petition is actually an ordinary page, with an overlay to record and track surfer signatures. Therefore you benefit from the power of YACS, and are allowed to add images, files, links or comments to any petition.

[*] YACS will ensure that each surfer will vote only once.

A live example is available to let you further [article=1469]; Read and sign!