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Sent le 30 avril 2004 to "all"


Welcome to the newsletter from Yet Another Community System. This mailing lists the most recent articles that have been published or updated. As always please visit the web site at: for more details and up to the minute technical information.

*** How to create a discussion board?
The procedure has only 3 steps. Illustrated with screen captures to make things easier.

*** April 28 - Server profiles, installation assistant, user actions and more
106 scripts have been updated from the previous release

*** Create a database before starting the installation process
Before reporting an installation error, please ensure that you have given setup.php a chance to execute successfully.

*** We now have a forum
The dazibao is over, thanks to Garee and Eoin suggestions.

*** Ease of Use is a Joke
[When Garee is shaking the tree...] For all it's talk about ease of use and "community" it baffles me why YACS has no user manual or user forum. This, in my opinion, turns it into a geek toy.

*** Queries ending up on the front page?
I like the way in YACS people who submit a query can keep track of it, however I find that these queries are also publicly accessible on the front page.

*** April, 8th - feeds, etc
31 scripts have been updated from the previous release

*** April 6 - polls, overlays, etc
56 scripts have been updated from the previous release

*** Why will you select YACS as your next web platform?

*** How does YACS compare to Manila?
Manila 9.0 provides a comprehensive and fully integrated solution for web publishing, content management, weblogs, portal development, and custom web applications - all designed to facilitate true real-time operation for information driven enterprises and online communities. UserLand's full featured, low-cost web publishing, weblog and content management system combines instant personal publishing with RSS aggregation technology to flow information where its needed, all for just $899.

*** Q2, 2004 - What's in the pipe?
Well, no commitment here. But you may find useful to learn on our topics of interest.

*** Some files to be copied manually
If you have run a YACS server for a while you have probably experienced the power of the update mechanism. However, this synchronisation process is limited to PHP scripts at the moment.

*** March 30 - Button editor, security review, etc.
147 scripts have been updated from the previous release

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