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How to finalize an upgrade on abrupt logout?

The size of YACS scripts has increased a lot during last months. In some cases, this may prevent you to finish the semi-automated upgrade process, because the PHP run-time will just drop the current session. If this happen to you, here are the instructions to recover and to finalize the upgrade despite adversity.

First of all, the server may have been switched off. Once you have been logged out, attempt to authenticate again. If server states it has been closed, then launch some FTP client to visit the server hard driven, and to rename the file switch.off to switch.on. Then switch to your preferred browser.

Authenticate as a site associate, then browse the Control Panel. Don't care about error messages, if any, they are just reflecting the instable state of the server.

First of all, adjust the database structure with a click on the 'Optimization' link. Then hit the 'Purge' link to purge the cache.

Back to the Control Panel. Click on the link 'Scripts' or 'Upgrade', if any. On the newt page, look for a link 'Run once' below the page titel. If one exists, click on it to trigger the execution of one-time scripts. These will fetch non-PHP files (including images, css, etc.) and adjust database content, where applicable.

Now you can relax, the upgrade is over.