Yacs handbook Software installation and upgrade

What will you need?

YACS has been designed to support a wide variety of hosts. Learn about minimum requirements before engaging the setup.

[title]Building blocks[/title]

As any web system relying on the AMP architecture, YACS will require:

  • a web server, preferably ran by Apache
  • a PHP run-time to build
  • a MySQL server and database
  • some free space at the server hard drive to copy all YACS files, and to store configuration files, attachments and images.

YACS itself is publicly available as a downloable archive, and you will have to push all files individually to the server file system.

[title]Installation check-list[/title]

Things you should have in hand to finalize the installation:

[*] the YACS archive

[*] FTP or WinSCP account information (host, name and password) required to push files to the server

[*] MySQL account information (host, user name, password, and database name)

[*] ensure that the web server (Apache or equivalent) is allowed to handle files in the YACS space -everywhere

[*] SMTP/POP3 account information (hosts, user name, and password) to enable alert messages (optional)

[*] Most run-time requirements have been duly documented in the file readme.txt provided in the YACS archive. If you are new to Unix file system and chmod, please consider the excellent tutorial at http://catcode.com/teachmod/index.html