Need Help

lots of "Table 'yacs.yacs_???' doesn't exist" errors

Setup scripts does not do some things, and then I get lots of "Table 'yacs.yacs_dates' doesn't exist" errors.

Hey everyone!

You may remember me from not too long ago when I asked whether YACS would meet by needs. Well, I decided to give it a try and bumped into a few road blocks.

FYI, I'm starting from scratch (a blank MySQL database for YACS, etc.) using the latest release of YACS.

The biggest problem is that eventually the setup script takes me to http://vermicelli.bioinformati...ntrol/setup.php, wwhich is a blank page! Reloading it takes me to the same blank page.

I see the YACS created some rows in the database:

mysql> show tables; +-----------------+ | Tables_in_yacs | +-----------------+ | yacs_actions | | yacs_articles | | yacs_categories | | yacs_comments | | yacs_decisions | | yacs_files | | yacs_images | | yacs_links | | yacs_locations | | yacs_members | | yacs_sections | | yacs_tables | | yacs_users | +-----------------+ 13 rows in set (0.00 sec)


Did I do something wrong? This blank page is not encouraging.