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How to localize a server?

Push files of translated strings to make the server speaks your language.

To install some locale, create a related directory at your server first, then copy all localized files in it.

For example, to implement Italian at your server, you will have to pass through following steps:

[*] find the ISO code for Italian, from the related ISO standard; the code is it,

[*] download the it locale from the localization repository, and explode any archive to expose its content,

[*] create a directory i18n/locale/it at your server

[*] upload there all .mo files from the it locale, plus the manifest.php file,

[*] visit the Control Panel of the servr and purge the cache.

By default YACS adapts automatically to language used by the browser. But you may want to force only one language to check everything is correct.

If despite these efforts your server still displays some strings in English, this is because the localized file is not complete. Would you like to join volunteers working at the localization factory?