Yacs handbook Authoring

How to use bookmarklets?

YACS bookmarklets have been designed to make blogging even more easy than before.

[title]Bookmark the section or blogid to use[/title]

At each section YACS adds a bookmarklet specifically designed to blog in it.

Just drag and drop the link in your favorites (Internet Explorer) or bookmarks (Mozilla, as shown) and you are ready to blog.

Of course, this step has to be done only once for the whole life of the link.

[title]Browse the Internet as usual[/title]

As most of web surfers, you are supposed to have most of your time reading interesting material made avalaible at some web site. Note that the following procedure applies to public Internet servers, and to private intranet sites as well.

[title]Fire the bookmarklet to blog[/title]

Suddenly you discover something to comment at your blog. Select some text to quote...

... and click on your bookmarklet ...

... which will drive you to the posting form for your blog.

Change the text and hit the submit button to post into your blog.