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Alfresco : Aux origines du CMS Yacs

Nombre de colonnes : 2
Gestion des onglets : Oui
Compatible Yacs 9.5 : Partiel
Ancien style de référence et thème de yetanothercommunautysystem en 2006.

[title]Skin mit à jour et compatbile Yacs 8.4[/title] Ce skin est basé sur l'ancien thème visuel de la solution open-source Alfresco

english flag [folder=Description]This is a 2-column fixed size layout, with various round and colorful boxes for side content and for main content.

Most boxes are drawn through two or three different images, assigned to items background through CSS directives.

Top-level sections are available as lightweight tabs at the top.

This skin support the embedding of YACS into a third-party software.

It has been part of reference skins provided natively in the YACS archive up to and including the 7.3 release.

The version published here has been tested with YACS version 7.4.[/folder]