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Bernard Paques -- on Sep. 10 2004 at 05:15 pm GMT, from nearby-an-airport
YACS Leader

A lot of people are still more comfortable with messaging systems than with interactive web forms. This is a fact. Of course YACS has very powerful features to webify existing information. Most of time a simple cut and paste operation is enough to share legacy data with others. However we also have to recognize that such a thing may rapidly become very tedious. And at the same time we still have a lot of useful data in our mail boxes.

This is why the messaging interface of YACS is so important. Previously you had to export data from your mail system, and then you had to import it into your YACS server. Now you just have to forward messages, including attached files and images, and let YACS do the job!

For example this page, sent from Lotus Notes, has an attached file from webtorials comparing IPSec and SSL technologies. The file has been automatically detached during message processing, put into the file system, and made available for subsequent download, as any ordinary YACS file.

The page also has two attached images. One is a simple animated GIF file. YACS will detach it, put it into the file system, and add some text into the page to reference the image properly. On page browsing the image will be displayed as well.

The second image is a quite large (768 x 1024) camera shot. YACS will process it like the first one, and it will also automatically resize it to smaller dimensions, according to server configuration (maximum height of 640 points). On page browsing a clickable thumbnail image will be automatically displayed.


(See attached file: 20030204 IPSec_vs_SSL.pdf)(See attached file: main.gif) (See attached file: DSCN0021.JPG)