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EasyToRead : old program color system

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From Kenneth Udut ( Skin used at: , a Collier County Florida community website.

I created a new skin at:

It's easy to read, old-school BBS style skin.

Black background, colored text, highlighting of links on hovering.

The colors are based directly on an old program that came with my computer in 1988 - Deskmate from Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack).

I lifted the colors directly from it.

[I liked the colors back in '88 and I still like them today).

The text size is quite large - larger than most websites. I did this because:

1) my eyesight is poor. 2) I read on a study done on usability that, while hackers and programmers like small text, teenagers, adults, kids and just regular common people who use the WWW DON'T like small text but rather, prefer large text sizes.

I don't know how to package up the skin and share it, - I could use some help with that.

But please - check it out and let me know what you think. I used the skeleton skin as a basis. The skin seems to test out perfectly with XHTML checkers.

It resizes well. My development computer (a Pentium 166 32Meg laptop from 1998 - Compaq Armada 7730MT) is running at 800x600 resolution and everything shows up perfectly.

On my bedroom computer, 1024x768 - also fine.

On my brother-in-law's 21" gaming CRT monitor, running at 1600x1200, the pages also resize perfectly.

Thank you for the excellent skeleton.

Works under Lynx (text browser), Opera 8+, some buttons do NOT work on Opera 5, perfect under Mozilla Firefox (gadget boxes do not show up in two columns, but rather in one column, which is a fine variation).