Yacs handbook Authoring

How to create a button from an image?

You can add any number of buttons to a page. All you have to do is to add links to uploaded images.

YACS manages a field to handle web links in every record for images.

In the form dedicated to image uploads, click on the first button to select the imagefile on local drive. Note that you can submit animated images to achieve flashy buttons.

Then go to the link field and type the URL attached to the image. Do not forget to mention the access method (e.g., http, https, ftp,) server name, and possibly the complete query string. The best way of avoiding typos is probably to paste a link copied from the web browser window.

Then hit the submit button to actually transfer data to the server.

YACS will integrate the image by adding a tag [image] in the related page. Therefore you keep control of text flow around the image.

On page rendering, YACS will wrap the HTML image tag into an anchor tag, as expected, to generate an image button.

For example, the following image is also a direct link to Cisco: