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Actually, YACS speaks both text/xml and application/rss+xml

Bernard Paques -- on Oct. 8 2004 at 11:34 pm GMT, from nearby-an-airport
YACS Leader

Some time ago I posted an article YACS provides RSS newsfeeds as text/xml, and this is a deliberate choice. Well, it looks now that information provided at that time is not complete, and therefore, not completely true ::)

Actually, the behavior of YACS depends of what you are talking about.

When providing a RSS feed, YACS tags the returned object as being of type text/xml, as explained in the mentioned article.

Therefore legacy browsers lead to RSS feed will attempt to display RSS items instead of saving them in the file system.

But at the same time, YACS adds to regular pages some meta-links to RSS feeds using the usual application/rss+xml.

This feature allows web spiders and modern browsers to detect available feeds automatically. This explains why YACS supports Firefox Live Bookmarks.

I know, I know, it may seem a little bit tricky to paint the same object with two different colors.

But please consider that in the real world, when you are driving to a town, road signs that guide you are different from those that signal you have arrived