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Welcome to the newsletter from Yet Another Community System. This mailing lists the most recent articles that have been published or updated. As always please visit the web site at: for more details and up to the minute technical information.

*** How to authenticate remotely?
If you have registered to some YACS or Drupal web site, you can reuse credentials at other servers instead of creating user profiles everywhere.

*** Actually, YACS speaks both text/xml and application/rss+xml
Some time ago I posted an article YACS provides RSS newsfeeds as text/xml, and this is a deliberate choice. Well, it looks now that information provided at that time is not complete, and therefore, not completely true.

*** YACS fully supports the Comment API
As proven by following screen captures, YACS RSS 2.0 feeds generate enough information to enable comments from within RSS Bandit.

*** Comment utiliser l'authentification HTTP en PHP chez OVH ?
Pour le développement de YACS nous avons souhaité sécuriser, ou tout du moins, contrôler, l'accès à certains scripts PHP. Malheureusement, les environnements mutualisés d'OVH tournant PHP en mode CGI, il semblait impossible d'accéder aux variables globales nécessaires. Impossible ? En fait, il existe une façon de contourner le problème. Apprenez vous aussi comment faire pour implémenter le contrôle d'accès dynamique à vos pages chez OVH.

*** October-2 - Distributed authentication, Simple Search RSS API and more
YACS better promotes the concept of small sites involved into large clouds of servers with the introduction of authentication services. If you have registered once as Joe at, and if this server supports authentication back-end services, you will be able to login at any YACS server by providing the fully qualified user, and the password as usual.To design this feature we have selected to reuse the drupal.login XML-RPC primitive as implemented into Drupal. Yes, this means that YACS can authenticate a user registered at a Drupal server.Also, YACS better implements the Simple Search RSS API on the back-end side. Search requests can now scope either articles, comments, files, links images or user profiles. In order to speed syndication, we have implemented compression in RSS fetching, and a separate feed has been created to transmit contents of published pages.

*** The Simple Search RSS API
I'm proud to announce the first public release of the Simple Search RSS API, the application programming interface to any YACS server and search engine.

*** September-27, charsets, backup, folding panels and other optimizations
From time to time even well-designed pieces of software need to be reviewed for optimization and debugging . This week we have improved the support of web character sets, we have compressed backup data, we have introduced folding capabilities to the user interface. Also, the user interface has been streamlined at several scripts, the rendering engine has been profiled to save CPU cycles, and RSS feeders have been enhanced as well.

*** YACS adds security to RSS syndication
We would like to use some specific RSS feed to monitor YACS servers. But this requires at least to authenticate news readers. No problem, HTTP Basic Authentication is supposed to be easy to implement. According to the PHP documentation, you just have to look at two variables to get user name and password. Unfortunately, these two variables will always be empty if PHP runs on the CGI interface. Does this mean that users cannot be authenticated at some PHP sites? No! The solution is to find another way to retrieve credentials into PHP.Actually what is really needed is the support of the mod_rewrite Apache module, and the ability to add some directives into the .htaccess file.

*** September 22 - RSS everywhere, and more
YACS now uses RSS for searches, for server monitoring, for comments, and for full content distribution! Any search request can be transformed to a customized RSS feed, available directly from the search page.The YACS main log has been transformed to a RSS feed as well, to let associates monitor one or several sites in parrallel. The challenge here has been to implement basic authentication to better ensure that only associates can access the feed. Advanced bloggers will benefit from RSS that now include full article content, and from RSS feeds for comments.

*** How to create a button from an image?
You can add any number of buttons to a page. All you have to do is to add links to uploaded images.

*** YACS supports Firefox Live Bookmarks (Bernard) 09/16/04

*** September 13- mail, permanent references and more
The e-mail posting interface has been enhanced after extensive tests. YACS also has smarter messages to post on various events. Permanent references are now displayed on every article, section, category, and user page, to streamline linking to them.

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