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What server is best for YACS?

I want to use YACS on home server. Have SME server but since it seems that nobody use it I am willing to install any other LAMP. Your suggestions are most welcome.

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I am absolute newbie to all Linux and CRM (however I am experienced on Win's - I do technical support for global antivirus company).

I am trying to setup my own server where I want to host 20+ websites. I managed to install SMEserver and play with it for a while. I know virtualy nothing about command prompt crazy   and I do not desire to be stuck with some issue later one just because nobody else use the same settings as me.

So, come in please and spill the beans... what settings worked for you and what you personaly prefer.. Will you recomend your settings (server+yacs) to somebody who just started? Is it easy to setup or at least are there easy to follow how-to's?

Everybody is welcomed to give his/her opinion. There is no wrong answers...