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Adding a 'please wait' message - SUCCESS

How to add a simple "please wait" message to all of your pages that disappears when ready.

Many times a page, for whatever reason (multiple SQL queries, lots of images, etc) is very slow loading.

This method adds a simple "Please wait..." as the first thing the user sees while the page is loading.

It requires javascript, but so does much of YACS

There are three things to do:

1) Put wait.php in the root directory of your yacs installation (see attached file at bottom of page)

2) Place contents of wait_css.txt in your main CSS file (I put mine right at the beginning);


Just after the last header directive and before loading the page library:

// handle the output correctly
Safe::header('Content-Type: text/html; charset='.$context['charset']);

// include a please wait message added by keu 10/15/07
include_once $context['path_to_root'].'wait.php';

// load the page library
include_once $context['path_to_root'].'skins/page.php';

You can see it in action at:

Now my site slowness has more to do with using an inexpensive shared server host than YACS but I figure every little thing that helps, helps.

Kenneth Udut