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YACS validates again

Bernard Paques -- on Oct. 27 2004 at 11:08 am GMT, from nearby-an-airport
YACS Leader

As depicted in the image, the home page of this server does validate again.

Actually, YACS used to validate correctly some months ago. But then, as reported by some clever YACS users, we have derived to a non-validating situation.

Why? Because of changes, of course. First of all, our template has integrated new items (namely, the translation stuff at the right of every page) that, unfortunately, appeared as being uncorrect.

More importantly, we have switched from an initial XHTML design to a HTML-only design. Therefore <br /> could not validate anymore.

This has been fixed in the new release with the introduction of a new BR constant that is set either to <br> or to <br />, depending of what the template is supposed to deliver.

Believe me, changing all breaks in YACS has been quite a tedious operation. But now that this has been completed, we are ready to support new XHTML skins.

Who will be the first to develop a full-XHTML skin? Any volunteer?