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How to select an avatar?

You could already post an image to your user profile. A simple operation, but reserved to those able to create images.

For those who have no time for such a thing, there is now a more straightforward solution: select one image in our shared library. Your avatar is two-clicks ago from here!

One strength of web technologies is their ability to support not only text and links, but also images and videos. Well, actually, some will consider that the Internet has become bloated by all these fancy things, and that the signal over noise ratio has consistently degraded over time.

On the other hand, others will argue that, most often, drawings and diagrams can convey more information than long descriptive sentences.

This fact becomes even more important when it comes to on-line communities. Since cooperating people most often do not know each other, software has to help fill the gap.

Like many other web systems, YACS supports avatars and emoticons. Avatars are more than images on top of names. They are really aiming to unveil personalities. On the other hand, emoticons are small images aiming to share on internal mood, and they can be put almost everywhere.

Your avatar is attached to your user profile, and displayed aside your contributions (articles and comments).

To change your avatar you can either select one from the library, or upload any image from your computer.

If you want to use some image available on your hard drive, go to How to attach an avatar to a user profile?.

Or you may prefer to use one of the images shared by the community.

First of all, you will have to authenticate to your favorite YACS server.

Then, in the user menu, click on the link 'My page'.

In the menu bar select the 'Avatar' link, as depicted in the image below.

The shared avatars are displayed. Click on any image to make it your personal avatar.

Of course, the avatar library will differ from one server to another. YACS is provided with a reduced set of files. Webmasters can change, modify, or add images to better adapt the library to community needs.

Please note that you can also change avatars from within the user profile edit form. Locate the sections for images, and click on the link to select an avatar.