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Welcome to the newsletter from Yet Another Community System. This mailing lists the most recent articles that have been published or updated. As always please visit the web site at: for more details and up to the minute technical information.

*** How to select an avatar?
You could already post an image to your user profile. A simple operation, but reserved to those able to create images.For those who have no time for such a thing, there is now a more straightforward solution: select one image in our shared library. Your avatar is two-clicks ago from here!

*** October-28 - Avatars for users, grooming for webmasters
YACS already supported avatars in user profiles. But users had to upload their own images. Now you can share your own library of icons, and let users pick one in seconds. By far more simple and efficient for not-so-high-profile Internet surfers. YACS is also able to extract some XML from your database. If your boss has asked you to create a smart report out of your database, do not write a specific script for that! Create a regular YACS page to introduce the report, add a table element to encode the MySQL SELECT statement, and ask your boss to use the 'Excel' or 'XML' links to download data to his computer. About two-third of YACS scripts have been modified because of grooming. Does this mean that you will have to reinstall the whole thing? Of course not. Trigger the update script and let YACS stage new or modified files, activate scripts, and update the database if necessary. If you have not yet play with this powerful feature, this release is the perfect opportunity to do so.

*** Excellent work Bernard!
I really like what you've done...

*** YACS adds authentication to the Comment API
When posting a comment through a newsreader your web site will basically receive a mail address and a name. This may be enough to report on author information in the comment itself. But this is also an open door to comment spammers. Therefore, YACS extends this mechanism with true poster authentication.

*** October-18 - Comment API, MS-Word and Palm downloads, direct uploads, referrals, secret handles, actions and more
YACS now fully supports the Comment API, including the ability to post comments from within the news reader. We have demonstrated this feature some days ago, and this capability of YACS has been listed as an official implementation of Comment API. Most often, owners of files do not care about creating nice web pages. They just want to push files, photos, and images as rapidly as possible. Good news! YACS now supports direct uploads. Previously you add to create a page, and then to attach files. Now you can fire a file, and YACS will create a page for it! YACS was already able to catch referral information. This new release adds the capability to display this information, and to better integrate any YACS server into the web. For example, while displaying an article you will have a list of Google search requests related to it. Secret handles are special ids used to reference pages in e-mail messages. They are used for example to let users track on-going queries. In this release we have added the ability to automatically log in people on handle presentation. This means that, from your mail client software, you can click on a link and be authenticated in your browser window. We have saved the tedious login step in-between...

*** What is the difference between a section and a category?
Sections feature security, overlays and rendering styles.

*** YACS supports distributed authentication
Actually, YACS implements Drupal's authentication web service. (Bernard) 10/11/04

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