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How to use the side panel?

The side panel is a convenient form featured at the left of the browsing window. It is aiming to let you prepare your next blog entry during a normal surfing session.

To activate the side panel within your browser, you first have to authenticate to your preferred YACS server, and to visit the Control Panel.

Page down until you can read the description of the side panel.

Then click on the offered link to make the side panel appear.

This simple click is enough if you are using Internet Explorer.

With Mozilla and Firefox, you may have to hit the F9 key as well if the side panel is still masked after the click.

Now you are ready to start a new surfing session, and to capture, in the side panel, any interesting thoughts and comments you can have.

Select the target blog at the top of the side panel.

Of course every YACS codes are available to your post.

When you have finished, click on the submit button to transmit everything to the server.

Review the new entry again and modify it if you wish. Then publish it as usual.

Or see it live at 18,750,552 gravatars served

Use the reset button to edit a new blog entry if you wish.