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How to link to your gravatar?

If you create a new user profile and provide your e-mail address, YACS will automatically use your gravatar, if one exists.

Or maybe your user profile has been defined some times ago, and you want to change it to benefit from your brand new gravatar?

Since YACS combines your gravatar with the library of avatar files at one single page, switching to a new avatar becomes as simple as clicking on an image.

And to make it really visual, here are the steps I had to pass through to change my own user profile at this site.

First of all you will need to visit gravatar to register your e-mail address and to upload a 80x80 image. After some message exchanges, you will receive a confirmation that your gravatar has been revised and that it is ready to use.

Then go to your favorite YACS web server and authenticate as usual. From your user menu (on the left with this skin), select the link to visit your page.

Below the page title, which is also your nick name, click on Avatar.

On the next page YACS will display your current avatar, your gravatar, plus all images in the avatar library of this server.

Up to now I was using the Popeye icon from the library, just because of my natural strength, and also because my parents used to call me like that when I was a baby .

On the gravatar web site I have uploaded a small photo of a Gibi among guinea pigs. For your information, Gibis are very smart and clever, which is not the case of guinea pigs... ::)

Now YACS knows that it has to use your gravatar as your standard avatar.

To prove you that it does work interactively, here is a last screenshot showing one topic of the forum. YACS actually displays the gravatar as expected 8)