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How to create polls with YACS

This article will explain the step by step process of setting up a poll using the YACS CMS and also if you are interested, how to use polls for blog entries.

Making a Poll and Blog Entry.

Step 1. Login to your website and authenticate yourself. Of course you will need to be someone who has permission to post content on the website.

Step 2. Click the "Create a page" link in the user navigation area and then click the appropriate section which in this case is "Polls".

Step 3. Arriving at the "Publish a new poll" page you will need to fill out various form fields. The >Title form field will give you a page title for your content entry (blog entry in this case) and the >Introduction form field is where you pose the actual question of your poll. The >Answer form fields is where you will provide the optional answers to users of your poll. The >Count form field can be modified to make it appear as if your poll has votes already, but for honest accurate polls you should leave this form field alone at 0. Step 4. Next is a large form field for entering the main content of your poll/blog entry. The usual formatting rules apply. Step 5. Click the Advanced options link to see the typical advanced controls for content or article entry. There is one unique option to the polling system. Adding "poll_with_results" into the >Options form field will output the poll itself and the results thus far of the poll in the same place.

Step 6. Click the “Submit” button to create the unpublished poll.

Step 7. Add an image if you so desire.

Step 8. Click the “View the new page” link, and don’t worry if the image and extra text do not show on this page.

Step 9. Click the “not published” link to have your page go live.

Notes: To publish your new poll/blog content with the front page of your website behaving as a blog there are some configuration options:

Step 1. Click > Control Panel>Skins (under configurations panels) and then under the title “Home page” chose either the “daily - For weblogs and blogmarks. Preview” radio dial button or the “alistapart - Display only the most recent published page. Previous articles may be accessed through a menu. This layout is suitable for sites with a low number of heavy publications, maybe with a single section of pages. Preview” radio dial option.

The “daily” option is ideal for sites with shorter multiple blog entries daily while the “alistapart” option suits well to sites with longer single content article-like entries each day.