Yacs handbook Syndication

How to podcast with YACS?

[title]How to publish files?[/title]

You have two methods to upload .mp3 files.

Firstly, you can attach one or several files to any article, as shown here.

Or you may prefer to click on the 'Share a file' link in your user menu, and to upload directly.

In both cases public files are listed by YACS: - at related articles (example) - at the index page for files - in the RSS feed for files, as demonstrated with the image below

As a matter of fact, the only thing to do to podcast with YACS is to share on the RSS feed for files. 8)

[title]How to receive files?[/title]

Please do not expect too many details, I will show you only basic usage of Doppler. This one has been designed for Windows platform, but equivalent solutions exist for Mac, Linux, etc.

After software download and installation, you will have to syndicate the RSS feed.

From the menu bar, select the command Edit | Add feed... then type the entire link for the feed. Of course, adapt the following example to your own situation.

Also use the command Tools | Options to select the download location. Then, from the main panel, hit the Retrieve Now button at the bottom right.

After a while you should ear the music received and processed by Doppler. Of course, files are visible in the download directory.