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Gaming Guild Stuff

What Bernard wanted me to mention.

Pretty much a small list of tools needed to make a solid gaming guild:

Who's Online Feature - Something they all seem to crave

Calendar option to set amounts of people attending - So if you are doing a raid that requires 10-25 or so people you can have them signup for it and once full everyone knows about it.

Gallery - Not just the lightbox and single file upload but a way to bulk add in images and have a special section (even if its just in the personal spaces) for them to be, with a front page module allowing for randomized photos per page reload.

Skins! - One thing people like is an easy to install skin that looks swell! The only one i like out of the list of features is the default one here. One i am trying to round up a designer to recolor it and add in some images. Its a hella great skin for sure and basing some game specific ones like world of warcraft and warhammer online off it would bring you tons of people.

I'm sure i will think of more but the who's online and calendar options are the main ones i can think of at this time.

Thanks for making YACS! Its a great CMS,