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Fatal error: Class 'Articles' not found in /home/drunkenh/public_html/index.php on line 333

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I do believe i know how i broke this and im laughing very hard as its something so simple and amazing you will laugh with me.

I typed this into the subject line of the cover page:

McGraw's Spicy Jalapeno Frito's > ALL

And i am guessing the > killed it. Since well it was working before that. I have tried numerous ways including going into PHPMyadmin to fixxors it and i changed the line but still poof, dead.

Any takers on it? This is the line:

$cover_page =& Articles::get_newest_for_anchor($anchor);

I am at a loss and i would really hate to lose a month of solid work on the site to something as simple as a greater than sign haha!



P.S. if any of the YACS admins needs to be able to go into the database proper and needs some info im game to freely share it since its both our baby in a sense .