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YACS version 5.5 has been released

Sent on May 22 2005 to "all"


Welcome to the newsletter from Yet Another Community System. This mailing lists the most recent articles that have been published or updated. As always please visit the web site at: for more details and up to the minute technical information.

*** YACS version 5.5: Content Assistant, page rating, polls, author profiles, and more
YACS now features a simple-to-use Content Assistant to streamline common operations. Would you like to create a blog, a directory of links, a discussion board? Previously you had to handle several web forms, and to know about keywords used for options. Of course, sophisticated edition capabilities ar still here. But we have added a smart assistant, accessible from the Control Panel, to let associates create complex things quite easily.

*** YACS version 5.4.1: Social bookmarking, appcasting, open office, and many more
YACS now features a simple-to-use bookmarking bookmarklet, similar to the one of This means that members of your community can share their findings easily. Also, each section has now its own RSS feed for attached files. Use this feature to spread separately software packages, marketing presentations, and other kinds of files. Podcasting was for your audio files. Appcasting is for corporations. YACS supports ... (898 words)

*** YACS version 5.3: Security, Files, and more
As usual, it is highly recommended to ask YACS to smoothly upgrade your server. For further information check How to achieve incremental upgrades of a YACS server?. Here is a list of new or updated features coming with this release: We have identified that some impersonation attacks could be related to invalid cache of answers ... (1306 words)

*** YACS differentiates between RSS casts
Casting files through XML index pages (actually, RSS feeds) has been invented by iPod users. Now, podcasting and appcasting are becoming increasingly popular. Simply speaking, appcasting mimics podcasting. A server advertises new files by updating RSS feeds. Web references for new files are extracted from these feeds, and used for actual downloads. A YACS server is all you need to do such ... (101 words)

*** YACS supports social bookmarking
Do you remember the first time you used a web browser? It is likely that soon after your first clicks, you asked yourself how to remember all those beautiful places you were visiting. And then you discovered bookmarks. Web bookmarks are a really simple and efficient thing, because they integrate smoothly with browsing. Now comes the time to share bookmarks with other. ... (256 words)

*** How to use watch lists?
Each time you contribute to the site YACS assumes you will be interested afterwards. If you have submitted a new page, you will probably track comments, files, and links related to it. Similarly, if you have contributed to an existing page, it is likely you may be interested by subsequent contributions and reactions from other contributors. Of course, ... (246 words)

*** How to share a skin within my company?
Once you will have designed a corporate skin, say, my_own_skin, you may have to install it at several servers. What are the available methods for such a deployment? (261 words)

*** How to manually upgrade a YACS server?
If you cannot benefit from the semi-automated upgrade facility, you will have to do it by hand. It is not so complicated, however, if you take care of some important things. (321 words)

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