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YACS version 5.7 has been released

Sent on Aug. 3 2005 to "all"


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*** YACS 5.7 has been released!

The new release adds long-awaited and important features to YACS, as summarized in this message.

264 files have been updated or created since the previous release in May. You can review most changes at the following address:

*** YACS 5.7 supports nested sections!

YACS used to have a flat model of sections, and cascaded categories were used to classify everything, and to host web links.

The version 5.7 offers a more simple approach of content management: nested sections host server content (articles, files, links, comments), and the role of categories is restricted to, well, categorization.

You can now create folders of sections, to any depth. You also have more flexibility to aggregate RSS feeds directly in sections of your choice.

Of course, the Content Assistant has been extended to help you take the most of nested sections.

*** YACS 5.7 allows for customized home pages!

The home page has been deeply re-engineered to allow for complete customization.

Some ways to achieve the home page you are dreaming of:
- create a cover page of your own to introduce yourself, your server, etc.
- include a reduced version of the site map if you wish
- create articles to be used as gadget boxes
- configure some sections to list their content as gadget pages
- configure some categories to list related pages as gadget boxes
- to introduce recent articles, select one layout among the 8 available
- use hooks to invoke your own PHP script at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the home page
- add optional elements, such as a Flash-based dynamic banner for recent articles
- edit a skin of your own to wrap everything

*** YACS 5.7 still improve on performance!

We have profiled SQL statements related to key scripts, including the home page, the browsing of a section and of an article.

The net result is an optimised usage of cached information, a lighter stress of the database back-end and, more importantly, a faster and scalable YACS server.

YACS was already known to be quite fast. Could you imagine we could offer a richer content within less CPU cycles?

*** Test YACS 5.7 today!

To play right now with the new release please visit the demonstration site, authenticate using the name 'demo' and the password 'demo' (without quotes). This site is yours:

*** Upgrade to YACS 5.7!

If you already have a YACS server, we highly recommended you to ask YACS to smoothly upgrade itself. Check the following link for further information on the upgrade approach:

*** Download the new YACS 5.7 package!

To install a new YACS server, or to download the new YACS 5.7 release, go to

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