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Conversion and Import Scripts

Looking for ways to migrate content from sites in other forum/CMS software.

Hello everyone, just started looking into YACS and wow am I impressed.  Anyway I have two sites I am looking to move to Yacs in the next few months.  One of them is a Xoops site the other an SMF site.  The Xoops site is target 1 and it is using CBB 3.01 and is a 2.0.17 Xoops install (I believe, I can check).

Now for conversion most things I can do manually without being overly inconvenienced, that is until we get to the forums.  I need a way to somehow import the forum discussions, replies, users, etc. into YACS.  The only thing I found thus far is an Import CSV script.  My French is terrible from not being used in years and I don't trust Babel Fish most days but from what I read I don't think that will get me all the way there.

So what import or conversion functionality is out there.  For any CMS or Forum software (as maybe I can two a two part conversion).  To get my forums migrated?

Part 2 of this question of course is if there is no bulk import utility or conversion script I can use...  well let me put it this way, I am willing to hire someone to build me one.  So I am perfectly willing to hear quotes at this point as well.

Thank you for your time and reading this,