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First YACS Install, issue setting max file size upload

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Hi, I have a problem with the max upload size on a new YACS implementation but let me give you some background first. I have been using a YACS implementation for a while now (with bernard at SITA) but I decided it was time to try and install my own instance.

My wife works for a music therapy charity and they could do with improving their website so I thought YACS might fit their requirements. I don't know PHP or SQL but I managed to get it up and running quite easily with the help of the documents posted here so well done developing such an easily implementable CMS I'm really impressed.

My setup is detailed below, I signed up for a free hosting account with NXSERVE.NET This made it easy to install YACS as they run Apache and use a cPanel interface which makes it easy to setup the SQL database. You can also use a free sub-domain from them which I have done just to test out setting everything up.

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My first question is that I would like to try and increase the upload limitation of 8mb. I found this link but ran into some issues,

How to overcome upload limitations?

When I go to phpinfo in YACS I can see the post_max_size is 8mb. But if I go to PHP Configuration within cPanel for the server, I can see that upload_max_filesize is set to 50mb plus when I try and upload a file on a YACS page it shows (<50 Mbytes) next to the upload box. 

If I then try to upload a file over 8Mb (but less than 50Mb) I get the error 'No File has been transmitted'.  

So according to Phpinfo the limit is 8Mb but 50Mb is referenced elsewhere.  How can I remove the 8mb bottleneck?