Source Code Management Interest Group Tools and procedures used in the yacs project


History of source code management in the yacs project

Early days

Initially the project was simply uploaded in .zip archive files.

CVS at SourceForge

Then we built a repository at SourceForge, and managed changes with TortoiseCVS. For the first time all of yacs code was exposed, and not only the content of installation archives.

SVN at Google Code

On March 2008 the code repository has been moved from CVS at SourceForge to SVN at Google Code, and changed were managed with TortoiseSVN, then with svnX. SVN is far more powerful than CVS, yet we never attempted to move to true collaborative development. Merges seem to be so challenging!

git at Github

During Summer 2010 a new repository has been created by Alexis at Github, and we have decided to move everything there. By enabling parallel development, and by adding resources to software integration, we are becoming a professional open-source development team supported by a powerful environment.