Source Code Management Interest Group Announcements

Created yacs/yacs repository

  • I created the yacs acount with yacs repository, for testing purpose, and maybe it will become the official repository for yacs on github.

  • I added Bernard (bernard357), Christophe (cbattarel) and myself (rair) as collaborator on this project. So we are able to commit in this repository
  • but the administration of this project must be done with yacs account (like adding new collaborators). This account could be shared by trusted members.


  • to contribute, everyone can register on github, and fork the project by pressing one button.
  • that will be I think the way we will contribute : Bernard, Christophe and I, will fork the yacs/yacs project, and put our public works on yacs in ours own repositories, available for test.
  • After being tested and reviewed, jobs would be integrated in the official repo.

master branch

  • I created the master branch by importing existing svn google code repo. Not by direct import on github interface, but first by fetching localy svn repo with git-svn, then pushing it to github.
  • I tagged 3 versions v10.7.11, v10.5.27, v9.8.31, so they are available for download. We could tag older version if needed.

other branches

  • I think we need to import yacs martin branch as maintenance branch.

other test

  • i have to test the "fork" feature, and the pull procedure.