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Putting more files in the blessed repository

We are committed to expose all source files to the community

After a discussion with Alexis today it appears that Github repositories won't be able, alone, to provide yacs archives useful to new installations or to upgrades.

On the other hand, I have on my hard drive a number of source files that should be shared openly to allow for easy change.

As a result, all intermediate files that support internationalization of yacs have been added to the repository. This means that any translator can get direct access to a .po file used in one version of yacs, change it with poEdit if necessary, and submit a pull request to yacs/yacs.

The improvement in yacs internationalization and translation is obvious. Before using github, changes were submitted in a forum at, and I had to change .po files on my computer. Nowadays, any person able to use poEdit can do the change by himself. And since they are three integrators, the probability that the integration is delayed is reduced.

In the future we may add more files to the blessed repository, such as unitary test files for example.

Also, we will have to adapt the process that produces ready-to-use archives of yacs. But that's another story.