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*un champ utilisateur pour indiquer l'url de son yacs -  (pour yetanoz seulement)
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*FCKeditor, toolbar incomplète. [résolu] -  Visiblement il y a au moins le menu déroulant "taille" qui est inaccessible...
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*Chat sur réseau très local ;-)
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*Qu'est-ce que YACS 7.6 ? -  Ce sont de jolies url, des nuages de mots clés (étiquettes ou tag cloud), des cartes Google, le Digg-like YACS, etc.
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*Traceability? Edited on Dec. 26 2006 at 07:19 am GMT, in Processed queries
*Can anyone help me? -  How can I edit the content of the frontpage?
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*Question regarding skins and languages -  In looking through the code, I see some of these are hard-coded. How does this work with multi-lingual sites and new skins? Also, how does the auto-update feature work with customized sites?
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*YACS version 5.7 has been released -  Sent on Aug. 3 2005 to "all"
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