YACS The vision

A marketing plan for YACS?

Now that YACS seems to become quite useful to a number of persons, it is the right time to think about the future.

[title]A. Who is YACS target audience in order of importance?[/title] - IT service companies specialised in open source software - business managers who want to switch from office automation to knowledge management - groups of loosely linked people that wishes to collaborate over the Internet

[title]B. What is the essential difference between YACS and other CMS?[/title] With YACS, content management is fully given back to community members. There is the same difference between YACS and Drupal than between Personal Computers and mainframes.

[title]C. Why do you think users choose YACS instead of other CMS?[/title] - YACS is integrated, and features, in a single arhive, most functions required by demanding webmasters - Development team is very reactive, and new functions are added every month - French community is very supportive and helpful

[title]D. What are the strengths of YACS?[/title] - YACS entirely separates content (sections, articles, ...) from its presentation (threads, blogs, ...) - Quality of PHP code makes YACS a strong asset for any IT professional. Look at commented scripts! - Easy updates of the software (similar to Windows Updates)

[title]E. What are the weaknesses of YACS?[/title] - Is this one of the best kept Internet secret? - Lack of flagship servers (except www.zaniroli.com) - Lack of pretty skins to benefit from XHTML capabilities - Distribution network is still under construction

[title]F. Is there an end-goal for YACS?[/title] YACS is aiming to make data handling as easy over the web that it is on local computers.

[i]Many thanks to Timster, our marketing expert, for his questions.[/i]