Yacs handbook Authoring

How to use Windows Live Writer with YACS?

[title]What is Windows Live Writer?[/title]

This is a desktop tool to write and manage blogs asynchronously, like w.bloggar and others.

Windows Live Writer is a very powerful tool, benefiting from Microsoft long track of experience on desktop software.

For the end-user, Microsoft Windows Live Writer offers unique features such as: - a full WYSIWYG approach for the easy authoring of sophisticated pages, - the attachement of images and photos, which are automatically submitted to the server along posts, - the computation of nice thumbnails, with several nice options, - posts can be tagged, and assigned to categories as well, - old posts can be browsed and retrieved for modification.

Actually these features perfectly fit YACS back-end services. Together, they may constitute a very good solution for advanced bloggers of all sort.

[title]How to setup this stuff?[/title]

1. Download the software from Microsoft server at http://get.live.com/betas/writer_betas and install it at your workstation.

2. Launch Windows Live Writer.

3. Add a blog to start the configuration process. On the first panel, indicate that you will use a YACS server instead of the Microsoft Live service.

4. On the next panel, type the address of the server front page. Also mention your account name and password.

5. The RSD information put at the front page is not enough to Windows Live Writer, maybe because YACS is not known by Microsoft yet, and an additional panel is required.

6. Windows Live Writer will get a list of sections where you can post new blogs. Sections where you have editor rights come first, if any. Pick up one section from the list.

7. Windows Live Writer will then perform several network transactions to finalize template settings.

8. At the end, the software will congratulate you for the proper configuration and setup.

[title]How to prepare a new article?[/title]

Type a title, then some text, add images, etc. The interface is really straightforward, while powerful.

You can save the article at the hard drive of your workstation at any time, and pass through entire cycles of text review, addition, and modification without being connected to the Internet. Mobile bloggers will appreciate to continue the job while commuting.

At some point anyway the article will have to be pushed to the web. A simple click on the publishing button is easy to generate a complex set of network transactions aiming to transfer images, post content, to add tags and categories.

On successful post, Windows Live Writer will even launch a browsing session to the section containing the new article. Review the page to ensure it fully reflects your intent.