YACS The vision

Why should you suggest your boss to switch to YACS?

Is your company looking for an open-source platform to support intranet web servers? Ok, you have checked all major solutions available today, from those recommended by CMSWatch to those listed at DMOZ.

Can we suggest to consider YACS as well? You may be surprised by the number of features that do match corporate needs. Well, actually YACS has been used to support some intranet web sites for about 18 months, and therefore we do have the experience of such things.

If you have to describe YACS to your boss, you could outline following strong points:

[*] [b]capture information[/b] - let people use the interface they are familiar with; YACS supports web forms, blogging tools (w.bloggar) and e-mail posting

[*] [b]make it rich[/b] - add images and photos to make it more visual; attach files for downloads; add references to any other web page; use YACS codes and smileys to enhance articles with ease

[*] [b]link people[/b] - discussion boards and comments support easy interactions; YACS also has a threaded query system to support lost users

[*] [b]structure knowledge[/b] - text is fully indexed for keyword searches; YACS allows for automatic and for manual classification of data

[*] [b]spread the word[/b] - people can bring useful information while on move; YACS may push web pages into Adobe Acrobat (PDF), into Microsoft MS-Word, to any Palm-OS handheld or even to a printer

[*] [b]advertise[/b] - YACS lists new pages instantaneously through RSS feeds; Use YACS e-mail services to send periodic newsletters and to share digests of your publications

[*] [b]deploy servers[/b] - add your corporate identity or specific scripts to one YACS server, and use it as the reference place for other installation and upgrades

[*] [b]manage servers[/b] - ask one of your YACS server to monitor others, and to consolidate remote events at a single place

[*] [b]leverage existing IT infrastructure[/b] - YACS interface with existing services, including: mail servers (SMTP and POP3), user directory (LDAP), news feeders (RSS, ATOM)

[*] [b]use familiar tools[/b] - everybody knows about browsing and mailing; YACS enables non-intrusive deployment

[*] [b]limit spending[/b] - at least you won't have to pay for a license fee