YACS The vision

Use YACS to...

[*] [b]share files[/b] - YACS adds a web interface to existing content; YACS supports video and audio streaming for on-demand entertainment

[*] [b]capture information[/b] - let people use the interface they are familiar with; YACS supports web forms, blogging tools (w.bloggar) and e-mail posting

[*] [b]make it rich[/b] - add images and photos to make it more visual; attach files for downloads; add references to any other web page; use YACS codes and smileys to enhance articles with ease

[*] [b]link people[/b] - forums and page comments support easy interactions; member profiles features instant messaging and Skype addresses; YACS also has a threaded query system to support lost users

[*] [b]structure knowledge[/b] - text is fully indexed for keyword searches; YACS allows for automatic and for manual classification of articles

[*] [b]spread the word[/b] - people can bring useful information while on move; YACS knows how to push published pages into Adobe Acrobat (PDF), into Microsoft MS-Word, to any Palm-OS handheld or even to a printer

[*] [b]advertise[/b] - YACS lists new pages instantaneously through RSS feeds; YACS enables podcasting for published files; Use YACS e-mail services to send periodic newsletters and to share digests of your publications

[*] [b]deploy servers[/b] - add your corporate identity or specific scripts to one YACS server, and use it as the reference place for other installation and upgrades

[*] [b]manage servers[/b] - ask one of your YACS server to monitor others, and to consolidate remote events at a single place

[*] [b]leverage existing IT infrastructure[/b] - YACS interface with existing services, including: mail servers (SMTP and POP3), peering web servers (XML-RPC), news feeders (RSS, ATOM)

[*] [b]use familiar tools[/b] - everybody knows about browsing and mailing; YACS enables non-intrusive deployment

[*] [b]limit spending[/b] - at least you won't have to pay for a license fee