YACS The vision

Who should consider YACS?

YACS is for...

[*] Web designers that require a powerful multi-purpose content management system that is fully customizable through templates and style sheets.

[*] PHP-aware software developers that want to leverage a rich set of well-written scripts to save on development workload.

[*]Departments that wish to create smart web sites to improve searching, facilitate sharing through various web interfaces and integrate seamlessly in the IT infrastructure.

[*] IT department that are looking for a web solution to ease their task, featuring a central integration reference, semi-automated software upgrades, and centralized monitoring.

[*] Bloggers that are looking for new ways to leverage their work with images, files, links, and that want to complement their site with discussion boards or electronic books.

[*] Families that are looking for a simple and powerful tool to share files and to stream videos or music throughout the house.