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How to post an article?

[title]Post an article from your page[/title] Once you have logged into the server, you can at any time visit your page (check the link 'My Page' in the navigation box named after you). From here, click on the link 'Create an article'. You will have to select a section before accessing the posting form.

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This is probably the easiest solution to start a brand new page from scratch.

[title]Post an article from any section[/title] You may have an idea for a new page while browsing one of the existing sections of your site. Just look at the link 'Post a page' heading the list of articles to get the posting form.

This is probably the optimal way of reviewing and completing one section of your site.

[title]Post an article with the side panel[/title] The side panel is similar to the regular posting form, except that it has a compact layout, and that it is sitting at the left of the browsing window.

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If you are basing your blogs on notes taken during long surfing session, the side panel is for you.

[title]Post an article from w.bloggar[/title] In this case you are not browsing at all, since w.bloggar is a standalone web software running on Windows systems that does not need to be connected to the Internet, except for publishing. For example, you can start to write an article at your laptop while you're in the fields, with your laptop on your knees. When you will be back at your office, connect the laptop to the network, then hit the 'Post & Publish' button to send your article directly at the very first position on the home page.

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It is likely that this solution is the most efficient one if you have to work off-line, or if you have to handle a large amount of text.

[title]Post an article unattended[/title] By registering an adequate link into your favorites (Internet Explorer) or bookmarks (Mozilla, etc.) you can easily quote any web page directly into your own server. Most importantly, you can do that at any time while browsing the Internet.

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According to seasoned webloggers, a very powerful solution to build your web.

[title]Post an article by e-mail[/title] If you have created an e-mail account for your YACS server you can use to blog asynchronously. On your desktop or laptop workstation you will use your favorite e-mail package as usual. By sending messages with attached images and files to a specific address you can turn it to new web pages.

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Initially this solution has been developed because of the so many files and interesting pages we all have on our desktops. All you have to do is to click on 'Forward' to push these at some web site.

[title]Post an article from your Palm[/title] Install webLog, from handx, on your palm, and express yourself at anytime and at almost any location.

On the next synchronisation, your blog entries will be pushed to your web site.

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