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Welcome to the newsletter from Yet Another Community System. This mailing lists the most recent articles that have been published or updated. As always please visit the web site at: for more details and up to the minute technical information.

*** This page, including images and attached files, has been sent as a single multipart e-mail message
A lot of people are still more comfortable with messaging systems than with
interactive web forms. This is a fact. Of course YACS has very powerful
features to webify existing ...

*** [Voice message] Message Vocal...
This message has been sent to ...

*** September 9 - blogging by email, and more
How do you want to blog today? YACS now offers the ability to post pages by e-mail. Since this is a brand new set of features, we would like to ...

*** This page has been posted by e-mail!
To answer a recent request from Eoin, we
are currently adding mail handlers to YACS. As you can
see, YACS is now able to process inbound plain text

*** September-6 - Unlimited session time, extended searches, and more
56 scripts have been updated compared to the previous release.

*** YACS supports unlimited edition time
Some users have reported on very frustrating experience because of PHP timeouts. Therefore, we have added new code to generate heartbit requests at idle time.

*** Is there a way to post content by email?
I'd like to try "moblogging" with YACS -- sending a short message with a photo from a camera mobile phone by email to my site. I was wondering ...

*** YACS provides RSS newsfeeds as text/xml, and this is a deliberate choice
As you may know, there is no specific standard to specifically type RSS newsfeeds, but we definitely need to select a solution. I know, this topic has already been discussed ...

*** September-1, Ping-O-Matic, Yahoo, Atom, watch lists, and many many more
202 script files have been updated from the previous August-10 release. This should be considered as a major release of YACS!

*** Almost all pages under review
Don't be surprised by the number of [new] and messages. We have checked every page of this server to enhance information accuracy.

*** A general presentation of YACS
A dynamic web site platform which allows an individual or community of users to publish, manage and organize a variety of content, YACS integrates many popular features of content management ...

*** How to check links?
Now that you have run your pretty web site on top of YACS for a while you will probably have a lot of links everywhere. How to ensure that all ...

*** Comment utiliser les services email sécurisés d'OVH ?
french flag Toutes les étapes de l'installation pas à pas

*** How to use mail services?
By enabling mail services, you will help users of your YACS system to communicate more efficiently. Learn how to do it.

*** YACS has new tools to improve interaction
While reading pages surfers are now visually encouraged to post comments and images, to share URLs via e-mail, to watch pages.

*** YACS fully implements the pingback specification
YACS now fully support the pingback specification, that lets pages be linked remotely. The server part of it is able to receive pingback requests from any server through a XML-RPC ...

*** How to contribute to the categories tree?
Aside of the several sections used to post articles on this site, and of the search engine based on full-text indexation we already have, the categories tree is a very ...

*** How to lock a section?
Sometimes you may want to refrain people to post to some section. Learn here how to do it.

*** How to post an article?
Select among several alternatives

*** How to install yacs on EasyPHP?
The perfect solution if you are starting from scratch on a Windows development server

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