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Le Sabot des Muses -  Sur le plateau des Petites Roches, à Saint Bernard du Touvet, surplombant la vallée du Grésivaudan, Le Sabot des Muses est une auberge-restaurant de montagne à l'accueil chaleureux dans les superbes paysages des montagnes alentours.
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*Deadline affichage billet dans une section blog -  Proposition d'un code
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*Des ressources en live pendant l'édition d'un blog -  Proposition de service tiers
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*Features, features! -  YACS is just aiming to raise the standard in Apache/mySQL/PHP environment for the support of web communities.
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*A propos du blogging via email -  Comment parmétrer certains champs
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*How to use Windows Live Writer with YACS? Published on May 6 2007 at 11:02 pm GMT, in Authoring
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*How to use the side panel? -  The side panel is a convenient form featured at the left of the browsing window. It is aiming to let you prepare your next blog entry during a normal surfing session.
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*How to post by e-mail? -  Prepare a message using your preferred mail software, be it Mozilla, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, or another one. Actually any software able to send a plain text message is ok, including mail robots that generate messages automatically. Of course you will have to send the message to the adequate recipient address. On reception, some YACS server will process the message as if it were some text coming from the usual web form.
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*This page has been posted by e-mail! -  To answer a recent request from Eoin, we are currently adding mail handlers to YACS. As you can see, YACS is now able to process inbound plain text messages.
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*A general presentation of YACS -  A dynamic web site platform which allows an individual or community of users to publish, manage and organize a variety of content, YACS integrates many popular features of content management systems, weblogs, collaborative tools and discussion-based community software into one easy-to-use package.
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*How to write effectively for the web -  The Web is the first truly interactive mass medium, and writing for it requires a different approach to writing printed documents. The key thing to remember is that web readers are not passive -- they actively look for content.
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*How to use bookmarklets? -  YACS bookmarklets have been designed to make blogging even more easy than before.
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*How to post articles through web forms? -  Once you have authenticated to a YACS server as a valid member, it is quite a straightforward process.
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*How to weblog from an off-line Palm? -  Install webLog, from handx, on your Palm, and express yourself on the move. On the next synchronisation, your blog entries will be pushed to your web site.
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*How to type YACS codes with w.bloggar? -  On one hand, we have this fantastic tool to write to the web - w.bloggar. On the other hand, we have these nice codes that YACS process to produce pretty pages. Can we combine both? Yes, learn here how to get the most of YACS codes in w.bloggar.
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*Why W.Bloggar can't access my own YACS server? -  Joao gets an error from w.bloggar on connection to a private YACS server. Transcript of the troubleshooting steps.
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*How to categorize a page with w.bloggar? -  With w.bloggar you could post a new page. Now you can also link it to any category of your yacs server before posting.
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